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Friday, February 24, 2006

Cast Iron

Treated myself to a Dutch Oven yesterday. Of all the places to find it the grocery store had two left on the shelf and a big space next to them so I guess they were going fast. It is real cast iron - not the light stuff they pass off now for cast iron. I am tickled pink. Used to have one years ago and used it more then any other pot. In the picture you can see my Grisweld cast iron frying pan - I know it is an antique but I use it all the time any way. Going to make some fried chicken tonight - using the Dutch oven is like a deep fryer and for some reason food isn't as greasy.
Read a few blogs this morning and got to thinking about my stash of 'plastic wares' - butter containers, cool whip, sour cream, cottage cheese and on and on till I have been tossing some of them - no room. They are just so handy for left overs and if the left overs get forgotten you can toss the whole thing with a clear conscience.
I have two passions in food - southern, including all the grits and hog jowls and blackeyed peas and greens with salt pork, fried chicken and on and on. But I have another passion - I lived in the Philippines for seven years and developed a taste for the food that most people can't understand why we eat it. Pancit, pork cooked with soy sauce and vinegar and garlic, tamarand, dried fish, shrimp and squid. I won't go on but I do get to indulge in both kinds of food. We have an Oriental Store a little drive from were I see some of my doctors and stop by to stock up every now and then. Found my coconut vinegar this trip which they were out of last time I stopped by.
Now does that still make me a Redneck? Maybe a half one since I no longer have a yard full of stuff - just a back porch full of stuff.


At Fri Feb 24, 07:57:00 PM 2006, Blogger Floridacracker said...

My wife got a real heavy dutch oven for Christmas and she raves about it. She uses it whenever she can. Looks alot like yours.

At Mon Feb 27, 06:27:00 AM 2006, Blogger susan said...

Can't beat fried chicken cooked in the iron skillet, my mother-in-law's was the best. And of course corn bread isn't corn bread unless cooked in iron skillet. Makes me hungry!


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