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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Cat

I was telling how we came to have our cat in a comment and decided to post a little more about him. He thinks he owns us. Working on my garden in pots I moved the bigger pots out from the house and he thought I had made the perfect place for him to lay in. Have to get a picture later.
When my room mate and I decided to throw our lots together - we had known each other for years, we rented in the same place but the hurricanes forced us to move - back to the cat - we moved in the neighbors moved out - that is another story and not a nice one - they must have left the cat behind. I thought at first he belonged to someone in the neighborhood and Steve said 'Do not feed him.' At first I didn't but I noticed he was losing weight so I started secretly feeding him - I think I was feeding him for a month before Steve found out about it.
Now Steve had never had a pet cat before and everything was strange about it to him. He didn't even know how to pet him. Everything the cat did Steve would ask me why is he doing that. Steve named him Moocher because he mooched off us...and Moocher just loves Steve.
Now Steve feeds him and gets a kick out of him wanting some petting from him and is always calling me to look at where Moocher is sleeping or what Moocher is doing.
The picture is from last year before I made a cover for my computer chair - as you can see Moocher just took over.

Well I better get off line in case the man who is coming to pick up the hospital bed calls - I still have dial up and tie the phone up when I am on line. It is going to be nice to have the couch back.


At Wed Mar 22, 07:34:00 PM 2006, Blogger The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Papa Bear didn't have much to do with cats either. Now we have 7!!! He loves them. He is always telling me to look at what they are doing. He talks to them, feeds them, pets them. It is so funny how attached you can get to a cat. Moocher is a pretty cat. I can tell he has it made there.

I also have dial up and keep our phone line busy when I am online.


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