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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fishy Fishy

Here we are at the Aquarium a few years back. It was like taking my room mate to a candy store. When we entered that section there were clear signs that said do not put hands in water or touch fish - so what is the first thing he did - tried to touch a fish. You can tell by the look on his face that he just wanted to throw a line in there with all those redfish and snook. We learned that the Aquarium catch them keep them a while and release them and catch some more.
Once I was able to drag him away from those big fish we saw some very interesting things like sea horses and sharks and a grouper that was huge - thank goodness all those were in enclosed tanks. They say the Aquarium has added more exhibits over the years and I would love to go back and see the new stuff - that is if I can keep my room mate from trying to catch the fish. It was a good thing no one saw him.

I really need to sort my pictures out. I have an album for my daughter, me, my room mate and his family and one of my father which is finished except for some pictures of him when he was a small child with all his sisters. How could I forget my family - I should do it like my mother does she puts pictures away with what they are right away only she makes a lot of small albums.


At Sat Mar 11, 10:47:00 AM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I like to visit aquariums...there is one in Covington, Ky. that is about an hour and a half away that we have been to and they have also upgraded and added some new stuff which I would like to see. There's nothing like those aquariums near the ocean though. I would really like to visit one of those.

I try to put pictures away into albums and label each picture right away because it is too easy to forget and if you wait tooooo may even not recognize whose baby it is in a picture. I have albums too numerous to mention...but now since I have a digital camera I have many, many discs of pictures and they aren't so organized. I need to establish some kind of order with the discs.

I have a tiger striped cat that likes to try to walk on my keyboard that is really annoying...but I have found that a little petting is all it wants then she's gone.

Still no sign of Sid...the other missing cat that belongs to TheFourBears...but I'm glad that Moocher is back and stopped in for breakfast.

Today it is about 70 degrees out and I am beginning to hear thunder...too bad because it is very sunny out and I was planning on going outside.

Post a before and after picture of your computer space. People can relate.


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