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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Getting Ready to Grow

You can see in the first pictures how neglected my plants were. Under all those leaves I kept finding pots. I am going to have to buy more plants - whoopee.
Once I get all the leaves gathered up I have to put them in trash bags. I hate to waste them but there is no room for a compost pile or box here.
I just did a little at a time - wanted to get more done but can't over do it.
Even Steve was trying to rake with one arm till I told him to stop that he might hurt hisself and he agreed - one armed raked doesn't get it especially with your left hand and you are right handed.
It may be a small assortment of potted plants but it is my garden and it is so much fun.
Now that Steve took me to Lowe's once I don't think I would be worried about going there myself. They have one whole end with a big sign that says Garden Center on it and you can go in there and not have to go very far into the store for most garden stuff.


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