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Monday, March 13, 2006

Little 'Angels'

Awoke early this morning to the sounds of little voices. Dad had to go to work and Mom is still in the hospital - they are going to keep her another day.
So Grandpa and Darling were the only ones left to call upon for baby sitting.
They were well behaved most of the time. Grandpa doesn't want them running in the house - they really shouldn't - and the little one is hard headed but other then a time out for her things went well.
I think we get them tomorrow also - seems my nerves can handle more then Grandpa's. Guess because I just don't get excited about things. Little one spilled her drink and Coby was having a fit but I told him it was no big deal I'll just wipe it up and I did and when he saw how calm I was about it he calmed down. He is a sweet little boy but I think he is just a bit jealous of the girls though he plays with them and lets them play with his toys as long as they ask first.
Dad forgot to bring the girl's glasses so they had a little bit of a hard time seeing today.

I put this post last and the other two first so the post would be in order. You have to keep going and see the flowers.


At Mon Mar 13, 09:35:00 PM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I remember watching someone, I can't remember who, but when they accidently spilled their drink they went into fits thinking that they were going to get punished.

I finally convinced them that IT WAS AN ACCIDENT and not their fault. I think I purposely spilled my drink to get there attention and off the thought of punishment. And I just said, "see, I spill things too."

Hope everything goes well with their mother and good luck with the kids tomorrow.


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