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Friday, March 10, 2006

My Wanderer

My Moocher came back yesterday. This is an older picture of me and him - I really have lost some weight since this picture was taken. Poor kitty he just doesn't know when to come for his meals since we aren't on a real schedule any more. It all depends on my room mate and when he gets up or wants to move into the back room and let me into the living room to straighten up from him staying up so late. His arm is still hurting and like me as soon as the sun goes down his arm hurts worse like my knees do. I want him to call the doctor because he still can't lift his arm and that just doesn't seem right after the operation. He has almost another week and a half before he sees the doctor again.

Thanks for the kind comments on me getting my medications. It really had me down for a while it didn't seem like I was getting any where with help and when I was told to go back to my doctor - where I started it really frustrated me. All is well now - I just didn't give up and kept bugging the doctor's office till they did something.

It will be the end of May before my room mate's daughter has her baby. At least that is what the doctor tells her - she thinks it may be earlier. We have his family reunion the first weekend of May - everyone wants to go. I enjoy his family reunions they are such nice people.

Well I hear him up now so I need to fix his coffee - working with one hand and his left one at that - he is right handed - makes it hard for him to do a lot.


At Fri Mar 10, 04:31:00 PM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I am so happy that Moocher returned home. Yesterday I read 2 blogs with missing cats. Maybe the other cat, which is named "Sid" will also return. He belongs to the blogger named
The Four Bears in the Woods.

So, so glad everything is settled with you, but now your roommate/boyfriend should get himself straightened out. Maybe he should see the doctor sooner. My husband had an appointment scheduled in advance and in the meantime he developed an infection, but decided to wait and see the doctor at the regular appointment. What happened was that he almost died because he waited so long. So, I say to you...if you think there is a problem...see the doctor now, and don't wait.

Bet you guys are excited about that new baby. Keep us posted.
And HOORAY Moocher is home!


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