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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One More Picture

Shucks I saved the wrong picture - this one is fuzzy. This is the last picture of the amaryllis I will post because they will start to fade now.

My room mate and I go this morning to get his therapy started. He is so afraid his shoulder is not going to get better. He is already planning on what he can do if he can't work any more. I thought I was a worrier but he does his share he just doesn't talk about it too much. His arm has been hurting so much and I wasn't saying anything thinking if he is taking the new pain pills something must be wrong but last night he said he hadn't taken any that he was saving them for when his therapy started in case it hurt a lot.

We both can't seem to sleep this morning - that worrying thing again.

Ate my peeps - that does it for the year. I like to look at all the Easter candy and baskets in the stores. Though you really don't get much in the baskets I used to make my own.


At Tue Mar 21, 10:44:00 AM 2006, Blogger The Four Bears in the Woods said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog site and leaving a comment. I thought I would come over and see your posts.

I too, am a country girl. I was raised in the country and hate the city life. I tried it once.

I also am on disability too. I also like to garden and I love black jelly beans. Seems we have a lot in common. *VBS*

I love your pictures of your flowers. I can't do gardens or flowers like I used to when I wasn't disabled.

Hope your roommate's therapy goes good.

Mama Bear

At Tue Mar 21, 03:24:00 PM 2006, Blogger susan said...

Good wishes on the therapy. Glad you enjoyed your Peeps, my husband LOVES those, but since being diabetic, has not had any, enjoy while you can!


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