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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Went with my room mate to his first therapy session so I could fill out all the paper work.
Things went very well for him and he says he does believe that his arm is loser now. They didn't hurt him like he thought they would.
The doctor set it up for four weeks but the therapist said it is going to take at least eight weeks to get his arm back in shape. That was because it went so long with out therapy so his pelvis and hip could heal.
Bet he gets back to work and is very careful about how he stands on a scaffold. His friends at work say there have been some changes so that doesn't happen to anyone else. We heard that another guy fell off a scaffold and landed on his head - it killed him - I don't think he was still working for the people my room mate works for.
The people who were suppose to pick up the hospital bed called Monday and asked if Wednesday was OK - same gentleman who delivered it and set it up. So the hospital bed should be out of the living room soon - just when Moocher was getting used to it.
Planned on picking up leaves this afternoon but slept the afternoon away. They aren't going any where and my room mate showed me the guy across the street just piled his leaves neatly around one of his oak trees - I think I am going to try that.


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