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Friday, March 31, 2006

This is a picture I took - was trying to smile. I like my hair much better - so light and airy and cool.
Now if I just had a sister like sueeeus to fix me up with makeup - but lipstick is about all I wear any way.
Wait till my room mate gets home. When I returned he was gone leaving me a note that he had gone for the Alaskan crab legs. Which means he is getting together with his buddies and they will sit around and talk for a while. He really needs an outing like that I am glad he got to go without me.


At Sat Apr 01, 10:29:00 AM 2006, Anonymous sueeeus said...

woo hoo, look at you! My hair was even longer than yours before the first big cut, right before my baby was born. I had worn it long for years and years, but I love it short, and yours looks great! It's hard taking self photos, isn't it? I find that if I hold the camera up, point it down, it makes me look very deceptively skinny and glamorous. Honestly, the real life angles aren't so eye pleasing! My sister is a hair artist. I think her card says designer or artist. She always has to 'be in drag' as she puts it, when at work. The beauty industry requires it. When not at work, she's just like me, wearing sweats, no makeup, and being comfy. :) I only wear the bare minimum makeup when I go to work. You have great looking skin. Congrats on the new hair. Love it!!


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