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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Baby

I am sitting here at two in the morning completely awake worrying about Steve's daughter Steph. She is back in the hospital - this time with a fever of 104%. The doctors are talking about giving her a C section - since this is her eight month the baby should be OK.

I wish now that I had colored some eggs because I don't know if the kids got to color any or not. Now if that Super Wal Mart was open - it says 24 hours - I would go get some eggs and a coloring kit. Maybe I can find out from Mike if they colored eggs.

We need all the prayers we can get for Steph and the baby.


At Sun Apr 16, 08:52:00 AM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I will be praying for Steph and her baby. Could it be possible for it to be born on Easter Sunday?

At Sun Apr 16, 04:16:00 PM 2006, Blogger Ava said...

I will keep your family in my prayers as well.

At Mon Apr 17, 07:08:00 AM 2006, Blogger Tanya said...

Thinking of you and Steph and your family. Hope all goes well.


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