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Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Daughter's House

My daughter sent me a picture of the front of her house and some of her gardening. It is a turn of the century restored house. Macon is trying to reclaim neighborhoods by restoring these houses. When I was there one year I saw one they had tried to work on and it had collapsed.

The tall tree is a pecan tree. It sets lots and lots of small pecans every year and sheds lots and lots of leaves every year.

What you can't see in the picture is the first set of steps you have to go up - then there is the second set not so many.

The white gate across the front is to keep the doggies from going into the street. They have a very nice closed in back yard that they run free in. The cats - well they just go where they want to.

She has added more potted plants since the last time I was there. In the foreground you can see some of the flowers she planted this year.

Her husband shares her gardening and even built a screener one year to sift the dirt where they wanted a garden in the back yard because there were so many small rocks. They are slowly getting plants established.

They are very proud of their little home. I am proud of them for working so hard to keep it up. Thank goodness her husband is a handy man - besides being very, very, smart.

When she sent the picture she told me they had a chipmunk in the house. They think it came down the chimney - did I mention she has two fireplaces. The chipmunk is now trapped under a book case and I suggested she buy one of those sticky traps and she thought that was worth a try.


At Sun Apr 23, 08:01:00 AM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

But then how do you get the little chipmonk off of the sticky tape without getting bit or hurting his little feet?

I used to have a pet chipmonk, his name was Chip...he was so sweet and liked to sit on my hands and eat special treats like grasshoppers, unsalted nuts & fresh berries.

Sometimes if Chip got into places we didn't want him to be, we would bait him with a trail of crumbs...which he would stuff into his cheeks as he followed the trail out.

Your daughters home is lovely and looks so homey, like a place that you would be welcomed at and invited on the porch for a glass of iced tea or lemonade and to pet the dogs and to have the cats curling around your ankles, purring.

Your daughter & her husband have done a great job with those flowers...they look beautiful. When you own your own home it's a plus if your husband is a fix it man...saves a lot of money and repairs are done right, because it's your house.

Thanks for sharing this lovely picture and story of your daughter & her husband. You sound like a very proud mama.

At Sun Apr 23, 09:01:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your daughters house looks lovely. I adore older houses like those.

It's nice to have a handy man around. My husband has saved us tons of money because he can fix almost anything having to do with the house or cars.

At Mon Apr 24, 06:34:00 PM 2006, Blogger Tanya said...

You're daughters house is beautiful. I love restored houses like this. Where I live we have a lot of miners cottages, which have become fashionable over the past few years, and can look beautiful when they're restored.


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