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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yoda, really

For all the Star Wars fans out there here is a picture of my daughter's life size Yoda. He usually lives in her office but while they were remodeling she loaned him to the public library and put together a display from her friend's and library people. Needless to say all ages from children to adults were impressed. My daughter makes great displays, I just wish she had sent a picture of more of the display.


At Thu May 25, 07:20:00 AM 2006, Blogger Gary said...

I could use one of those in my garden :)

At Thu May 25, 10:02:00 AM 2006, Blogger Flourish & Blotts said...

LOL! I'll send you some more pictures. He turned out kind of cute. :) F

At Thu May 25, 10:13:00 AM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Can't wait til Flouish sends you more pictures of him.

At Fri May 26, 08:02:00 PM 2006, Blogger TUFFENUF said...

Holy moley! that's a BIG Yoda!

At Fri May 26, 08:29:00 PM 2006, Blogger Floridacracker said...

My son would love that. He's a starwars nut. I'm a trekkie.

At Fri May 26, 10:51:00 PM 2006, Blogger Ava said...

Well, it's even more awesome now that I know your daughter put the display together!!! I love the woman already!!!!

Great job!!



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