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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday Afternoon

What an exciting Friday afternoon we had around here. Just before Steve left for his therapy work called and asked if he was coming back to work - they had received a letter from the doctor releasing him for light duty - the problem was when Steve saw the doctor on the first of June the doctor didn't tell him he was releasing him just gave him the papers he usually does and set him up for more therapy. Well Steve didn't bother to look at the paper because by the time he got home and called the therapist the doctor's office had already set it up.

So here it was the ninth and we didn't know he was released the first. After talking with the workers comp man and looking at the papers we realized Steve should have already been back at work. He is going to give it a try Monday. Just keeping an eye on some workers and marking places that need repair. He still can't lift his hand above his waist - which is one of the restrictions he has but he is will to give it a try. The man at worker's comp was so nice told Steve if he couldn't do it or they didn't have anything light enough for him to do to just tell them he was going home then call worker's comp.

As to my problem I at last reached the lady that everyone was telling me I had to talk to and my Medicare part B is going to be paid for me since I am so low income. They pay for my part D also and help on some of the medicines I have to take that my plan doesn't cover. What a relief that was off my mind. They may take the money out the first month if the paper work doesn't catch up with me but I will be sent back the money. Sounds like government doesn't it - I can't complain though they have taken care of me for a few years now and it is just a matter of hanging in there till you finally reach the right person.


At Mon Jun 12, 06:01:00 AM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Well, sorry to hear about the mixup with Steve and glad it got straightened out and glad you got your medicare stuff fixed also.

I am supposed to go sign up for social security sometime this month. I know it will be a hassle, but if I want some money, it's a necessity.


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