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Saturday, October 28, 2006


...and you wonder what is so wonderful about Saturday - no doctors! After going through all the trouble of getting my Plan D to accept one medication my one doctor decided to change me to something else. The other one wasn't working anyway.

Now my pulmonary doctor has to put me on a different kind of inhaler - the one I use they are not going to sell in the States any more. Maybe they aren't going to make it at all but I bet not - they will sell it over seas. Had to get a medically needed prescription from his to break up this congestion I have be having pretty bad.

Boy did he read me the riot act about putting off my appointments - I promised that I would keep my appointment in six weeks.

Steve gets to go to the doctor this coming Tuesday and have the brace removed from his arm. This time they said they would do exrays and see how it is doing.

We are just falling apart here. There will be a break in a while. Just now with all the new meds my doctors want to see how they are doing so the early appointments.

Just spent an hour cleaning out all the old inhalers (ones I didn't need to use) and found some old ones from a long time ago that I have been off of for a couple of years! Time to get the medicine under control.

I have been using my digital carmeras so much I forgot I had three cameras that take film - what I thought was empty film canisters I started to toss and thought gee those feel heavy - yep - film - good film. Guess I am going to have to take some old fashioned pictures and use it up before it goes bad. Color and black and white - getting excited about experimenting again.

Gotta go - groceries are waiting or we won't have anything but fish to eat and Steve says he is tired of fish.


At Sat Oct 28, 06:56:00 PM 2006, Blogger Tanya said...

Hope you're both feeling better soon. Looking forward to seeing some of those "old fashioned" pictures.

At Sat Oct 28, 08:59:00 PM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I also got the riot act from my doctor and now she only wrote me a prescription for a one time refill to MAKE SURE that I come back.

Glad you got your meds straightened out and I'm also glad that they are going to X-ray Steve to make sure everything is okay. He will probably have PT again, won't he?

I also found a cannister of new film and I don't have a camera...also I don't know how old the film is. Probably too old to use.

Get something good to eat...I'm hungry.

At Tue Oct 31, 09:17:00 AM 2006, Blogger Ava said...

I sure hope that Steve's exrays show some improvement and healing this time.

What? A camera with film? How does that work?



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