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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Another Thankgivings gone - they seem to be coming faster and faster now adays. Little Marisa wasn't worried about turkey she was fascinated with the tags on her blanket and kept chewing on them.
Left overs waiting for more people to stop by. Told everyone I was not cooking Friday and I didn't it was left overs or fix something on their own. It worked out fine for me. Discovered a wonderful thing I am going to remember for next year - no one goes to the post office on Friday after Thanksgiving. Went there to mail a package for my son and expected to be waiting in a long line - there was only one man mailing something and another clerk came out of the back to wait on me! Everyone at the post office just seemed to be kicking back and enjoying the slow day. The clerk said everyone was out shopping.
Cobie wasn't shy about wanting turkey. Steph is fixing him a plate. All in all it turned out better then I thought it would. I know you are suppose to get up early on Thanksgiving to cook but I slept in till eleven and still had time to roast the turkey - came out fall off the bones tender and moist in one of those bags you roast turkeys in - no basting. Fix all the side dishes - cheated with the pies bought thaw and eat. As I get older the easier it is the better - less worry.

Now Christmas - figured out a place to put our small tree. Had to move my small stereo but it fit on the shelf at the bar - thought it was going to be too big - only now I have to find an extension cord to plug it in because the plug won't reach. Dawn and I have all those Christmas presents that Steve's sister brought from Miami - still don't know what is in all those bags. The only thing I gave away was some jeans and a nice warm coat that no one could wear to the Faith House for Women - with this cold weather I thought they could use them.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - of course stores have had Christmas stuff out since October but I think I am getting into the spirit a little now.


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