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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baby enjoyed Christmas

There was no shortage of people to pay attention to the littlest one on Christmas Eve. The little one enjoyed watching everyone tearing open presents - she got some of her own but those toes were still a favorite with her.

I see blogger has it's blocks back. Picture uploading is just so much easier this way.

My computer is a half way resorted state. I can get on the net if I am quick enough to turn the speedband that Juno has off. It just didn't seem to be doing anything but get in the way and when I had to restore my computer it wouldn't let me on the net at first - now it says I can't use it any way so why pay for it. Talked to the nice people at Juno this morning and they are taking me off it.

Here's hoping my computer holds up a little longer.


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