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Monday, December 18, 2006

No room

Help - Dawn keeps buying presents and I wrapped what we got the kids and what I got Steve. With the stuff that Steve's sister brought us the kids are going to have a lot of stuff. Just when we though that this was going to be a very small Christmas things have turned out pretty good. Steve is going to give me a tune up on my truck for my Christmas present - not very romantic but I really need it and it would be a great present for me.
Boxes stacked up. Bottom is my Christmas box from my daughter, middle is Dawn's CD player her dad bought her on top of that is this big old bear that we stuck in a box and of course my birthday present on top. No I haven't peeked yet. I have a doctor's appoinment on my birthday so I think I will wait till I get back before I open it. It has such pretty wrapping it seems a shame to open it - almost - oh what the heck who am I fooling - can't wait to dig in it. Had to relocate my nice card holder. I do have one window I think I can put it on just have to get some more Christmas cards.

Time is getting close. I have a few more things to do so if you don't hear from me I am being a busy elf for Santa.


At Mon Dec 18, 02:40:00 PM 2006, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

it looks like you're going to have a very BIG Christmas by the looks of all those presents.

I sneaked over to read your site between baking loaves of banana nut bread. The weather here is in the 70's and Jimmy is off on his bike. I'm getting things ready for Christmas.
And if I don't see you anymore have a very Merry Christmas and I know that your Birthday is on Wednesday, so Happy Birthday.



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