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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Maybe this will be the year I finish the grey afghan. Started it in 2005 then Steve had his accident and I was busy taking care of him and me. Most of 2006 was devoted to Christmas things. When I pulled the afghan out to start on it again something wasn't right - it was getting smaller and smaller. So I had to take out all the work I had done and start over.
Gave up on the pattern I was trying to follow - I don't think it is right about the turning - found a nice shell pattern after looking through a lot of books and magazines (Thanks Sis), the pattern is simple the instructions for the edges are clear. Hopefully this will be the year I finish it.

My foot is getting better but I still have to stay off of it most of the time. Did I tell about the doctor saying I could take the bandage off and take a shower bath what ever I wanted. That shower felt so good after washing up with a wash cloth and hanging my head over the tub to wash it. Put the stopper in the tub so some water could collect and soak my feet good. I still have to take it easy but the healing is coming along fine. If you didn't know my toe was gone or you didn't' count them you won't even be able to tell a toe is missing. I am waiting for the little ones to 'try and fix my toe' they always try to get it to stay down and I had to tell them that it was broken. I am not going to let them see it until it is fully healed then I will tell them the doctor's fixed it.

Steh is so glad to get her girls back. We haven't had a chance to see them yet but we have all talked on the phone - little Jerrica, the fived year old takes after he mother she can talk non stop and you have to be quit to get a word in. She is getting a promotion at work - She works for Wal Mart - We are proud that at least she is picking up the ball for an income for the family.

Enough gossip for now. Things are even looking up for Steve though I know he is really worried and upset that no one has got back to him.

valentines is coming up so I guess I better make something for valentines.


At Thu Jan 25, 03:09:00 PM 2007, Blogger Allie said...

hope your day went well! Just blog surfing and stopped by!


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