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Sunday, January 28, 2007


This is a scarf for my daughter's hubby to wear under his coat to help keep him warm. I was surprised at how fast I whipped this one out.
This is a hat and scarf set for my daughter. The hat had a stitch I hadn't seen before called a 'lamb's tail'. I think I am going to make one for myself also. Well if my daughter checks my blog she will know I am going to get these in the mail next week.

I have the worse luck with tires then any one I know. Went to Wal Mart to buy the groceries that are cheaper there before heading out to Winn Dixie and wouldn't you know it I had a flat tire that came off the rim. A frantic phone call home and Steve and Dawn came to try and help - none of us could break the nuts loose. Another trip home and Dawn asked the neighbor if he could help. He just busted those nuts right off. Of course my spare tire was flat and had splits in it. I aired it up with my little air compressor enough to get me to the gas station to the air there - yep - it was out of order. I decided to try and make it home with Steve and Dawn following me. I made it home. At least I didn't have to leave my truck in the parking lot at Wal Mart over night. Time for a couple of new tires.


At Mon Jan 29, 08:36:00 AM 2007, Blogger susan said...

These crochet scarves and hat are great! I love the stripes! You are making good use of the winter weather. Is it cold down there this morning? It is 18 degrees here.

Our road used to be gravel (5 miles of it) and we would often get flat tires from the gravel cuts. I learned to change a flat, but that has been a long time ago, I don't know if I could do it now. I think they should come up with a better idea, maybe solid rubber tires?

Stay warm and have a great day!

At Fri Feb 02, 09:16:00 AM 2007, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I just love that hat & scarf you made for your daughter. The colors are perfect! Sometime show us the new stitch that you used on it.

Sorry about your tires and I hope that you have gotten new ones by now. I know how to change a tire but I can't ever losen those lugnuts and I don't even want to try anymore...


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