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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mom is Home

My Mom returned to her home Friday after a few weeks at my sis's getting well from her triple by pass heart surgery. As you can see from the look on her face she is happy to be home but if she doesn't feel like she can do it my sis will come get her.

While Mom was at my sis's my other sister and her husband and Mom's church really pitched in and fixed her house up. They put in a ramp out side so Mom wouldn't have to try and go up the stairs, they painted and put Mom a new door up - they just did so much Mom was very happy.

I have had a cold so haven't wanted to get around Mom besides she said she wasn't up to visitors Friday and Sunday she went to church and I had my flat tire. Guess I will see her when I do. Would you believe there are still Christmas presents there for me! I had my surgery the same day Mom had her's if I had known I would have put mine off but I was already being prepped when they brought my mom in for her surgery.

We will get together soon. I haven't had a chance to see her but we have talked on the phone.


At Thu Feb 01, 01:20:00 PM 2007, Blogger TUFFENUF said...

My mom had the bypass surgery in 1999 and she recovered well from it. She doesn't even have to take heart meds anymore. She has some other problems now, but mostly due to old age - a place we will all visit soon!

At Fri Feb 02, 09:18:00 AM 2007, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your mom looks so happy to be home and reunited with her doggy.

At Mon Feb 05, 11:20:00 AM 2007, Blogger East of Oregon said...

interesting blog - gave you a shout out on mine.. take care and happy day! :)


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