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Friday, January 26, 2007


The weather down here keeps changing from day to day and this is the time of year people get sick and yep - I am sick. Feels like the flu - hope not. We had a dreary rainy day and night then sunshine now it is going to be forty degrees in the morning. It would be a nice time to stay in bed if you could. Made the mistake of watching a scary movie last night now I can't sleep besides my legs hurting. Took some Aleve if that doesn't help in a little while will have to take a pain pill.

I have a crochet project I am working on but can't post a picture it is a surprise for my daughter. I have another project planned for her also - between crocheting the dolls and stuff I work on my afghan a little. It is coming along nicely now that I changed the pattern.

Steve is going to see another doctor and maybe have the tests done over to see what is going on with his shoulder. He is in constant pain now and has these twinges of hard pain every now and then. He still can't lift his arm. He says if the tests show that nothing can be fixed then he will just have to accept it and learn to live with his arm the way it is. It wouldn't be too bad if he could fish but he can't even do that.

My foot has healed up nicely. Amber the nine year old was over this past weekend and wanted to see my foot. Pulled my sock off and she had to count my toes to tell one was missing. Children are so open they don't hesitate to ask things.

Guess my next thing will be having my right knee operated on. Was suppose to have it done in 2006 but with Steve hurt and me having to drive a lot it just was not possible. Thought I was going to have to ask the doctor for another shot in my shoulder but the pain went away. May have something to do with the pain pills I was taking for my foot you think?

Squirrels are still getting fed. I am putting out lose feed now that has sunflower seeds in it. The blue jays have found it and some little finches. As far as I can tell not one squirrel has been cought by any of the cats. I have watched a cat sit right at the base of the tree and a squirrel stare him down. Poor Moocher he has been banned out side for now I have to stand there and make sure he eats or he will let his girl friend eat his food. He has another girlfriend that he is chasing around now also so when he was coming in the house all he would do is yowl to get back out side. He can't do anything but I guess he doesn't know that. He sleeps under the trailer near the duck work for the heater so I know he stays warm.

Hope I feel better soon. Oh, my legs are still hurting. This is terrible so nice and cold and you can snuggle up all warm under the covers and I have to be up with pain in my legs. Oh, well guess I will take a pill then maybe I can get back to sleep.


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