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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Was trying to post my daughter's new blog address up but it didn't work. It is still in my list of blogs but you have to copy and paste it.

Well after a few weeks of feeding the squirrels everything from stale bread and donuts to some walnuts a friend sent us and we gave up on trying to open them - they still had the husks on - we broke down and bought some real critter food for the squirrels. They were so busy trying to chase each other away from the food no one was getting to eat. I put some on the tree and sprinkle some on each side of the tree and this time I went ahead and bought another block of food to put in the feeder. The squirrels finally settled down and started eating. The blue jays found the food before the squirrels. At least the crows haven't come back. Those big old crows were eating everything and chasing everything away. I hope the doves come back. I did learn one thing during the bread feeding a woodpecker will eat bread. I thought they were strictly insect eaters.

Well Steph was suppose to bring the kids over but never showed. We haven't seen the kids since Christmas. Guess we will get together sometime.

Disable Vets sent me the nicest little note pad and some very pretty stickers and name labels. They are the only charity I try to give to at least once a year because they don't have a middle man. The work is done by the vets themselves and most of the money goes towards the good works that they do. Besides my Dad was a disable vet also. at last I found out how to do it. Goes to show you are never too old for new tricks. Check out my daughter's blogs. From this one you can go to her esty account for the cute things she is selling.


At Tue Mar 27, 07:17:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

I know you'll have fun watching those squirrels!

At Wed Mar 28, 10:32:00 AM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

It sounds like you have quite a variety of animals stopping by to feed. You won't believe how easy those little squirrels can chew into those tough black walnut shells.

I wish I could come over and help you with your links, but I think that you haven't changed over to beta completely yet. I think you haven't customized your template. I'm still learning and that's why I created the second blog just so I can practice changing things without the fear of losing my original blog.


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