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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today was a busy day for the handy man who works for our land lord. He painted our trailer and porch - even the ceiling on the porch. My but he was covered in paint when he go done. I feel bad that I didn't catch his name but did keep him supplied with cold drinks. I was serenaded by country music all day and his singing right along with the music but once the rest of the family came home he turned the music off. He ran the battery in his truck so low he had to be jumped to get it started.

Well Dawn and Amber just came in from a night at the rodeo. Amber got to ride a baby bull again. It is nice that she likes to go with her mother to the rodeo. There are a bunch of kids that go and they hold calf roping and baby bull riding and other activities for the kids.

We have just about cleaned up the crunchy ribs. I think we will be buying some different charcoal before we try to barbque again. The stuff we used kept flaming up.

My daughter has two new blogs. One is for posts and the other is to sell things she makes. The sites are in my blog list. I am not sure how to get to them from where I am in Mozilla Foxfire and they are listed in Internet Explorer. At least I have figured out how to post.


At Sun Mar 25, 06:37:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

Next time maybe you should turn on your radio to keep him company so his battery won't run down...Or maybe he'll bring his own.

There's nothing like a fresh clean look for spring and I know that your flowers will look fantastic in front of your freshly painted home.

I love ribs...Hint Hint Hint...but I like mine fully cooked, hehehe.

I visited your daughter's blog and I liked it. Her bunnies are so cute and her blog is very refreshing.

Have you tried reloading your daughters blog addresses into your links again? Then you can reach her from anywhere.


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