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Friday, April 20, 2007


I am sitting here at one thirty in the morning unable to sleep for wondering what the doctor may find tomorrow. I have a breathing test first then see the doctor. I can't eat or drink anything before the test and it is at nine in the morning - so I know I am really really going to miss that cup of coffee. Was counting backwards and I can get up at five and have a cup of coffee and it would still leave four hours before my appointment.

Had to set the alarm clock and found out the alarm part no longer works. We haven't used it for so long we didn't know it was broke. Steve still has it in his room so he can see what time it is in the night and I have the new one with a nice loud alarm in my room. It came to me earlier that I hadn't checked to see where to turn the alarm off - good thing I did because it is a button on the side of the clock. I could just see me trying to figure out how to turn the alarm off and waking everyone in the house.

The tomatoes are growing by leaps and bounds. I think I spotted what may be the first blooms. I will just have to haul the camera out and get a picture. The marigolds are doing fine. I hope they grow fast. It doesn't look like I am going to get to buy anymore flowers this month - budget, ugh. Next month though a six pack of something that's flowers not beer.


At Fri Apr 20, 05:52:00 AM 2007, Blogger Felicia said...

Best of luck at the doctor's. I'm looking forward to pictures of your tomatoes!


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