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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Went to Wal Mart this morning to buy cat food and of course I had to park where you enter at the garden center and of course I had to walk by all those gorgeous flowers and of course a pack of marigolds found their way into my buggy so I have planted the first flowers of the summer. I am going to have to take stock of what flower pots I have and how much dirt I will need before I buy any more flowers.

The second picture is our driveway looking at the field where the horse lives. You can see the gravel and when it is dry dust comes up from it every time someone drives in or out.


At Tue Apr 17, 03:03:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

I'm so glad you got yourself some flowers. You need a little cheery marigold sunshine color in your day. :)

At Wed Apr 18, 02:07:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

There's nothing like playing in the dirt and planting flowers. Now you will have some pretty blooms very soon.

I love your view. I would just love sitting on your porch steps and looking at that outside my door. You have horses to look at too, I just have cows and I wish they would stick some horses in the field behind us. Sometimes I see deer in the field and I love that.

I got a new bird feeder and bought some finch food and I'm looking forward to the birds finding it. I hope a squirrel finds it too. We hung it in a spot where it is impossible for the cats to ambush the birds.


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