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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hot Pepper

If you look real close you will see my first hot pepper. I think if I leave it on the bush it will turn red.

Have been having a time with Moocher's food dish. Yesterday the water in the pie pan was full of ants and some had made it to the food. Moocher also moves the dish when he eats so the edge touches the edge of the pie tin and the ants have a bridge. I think I have it now - I have taken a deep sided pie pan and super glued Moocher's bowl to the bottom. I have water in it now to see if it is going to hold. Super glue is suppose to hold anything but I don't know if it is water resistant.


At Mon Apr 30, 08:10:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

Very ingenious solution. I hope it works for you.


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