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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pesky Little Critters

Having second thoughts on feeding the squirrels. The pesky little critters found out where I keep the corn and are slowing trying to chew their way in. I keep my gardening stuff in the container too so I don't want a hole to be in it. Maybe I can buy another container and have one just for squirrel food and they can chew to their little hearts content.


At Thu Apr 26, 02:51:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

Better be careful with those tubs. Even if you get another one they may get the idea that there is corn in both.

At Thu Apr 26, 10:53:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

I've heard of squirrels doing that from my daughter who kept corn in a plastic container, much like yours. She said the squirrels chewed a hole in it trying to get to the corn. Do you think they can smell it or do they see it? Or do they watch where you get their food from??? Smart little buggers aren't they?

At Fri Apr 27, 08:15:00 AM 2007, Blogger TUFFENUF said...

I have the same problem with my pigeon food. Get one of those metal garbage cans, and put a bungee cord though the lid handle and connect to the side handles - they can't get in to that!


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