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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Running around turning out lights a big thunderstorm just went over us and now the sun is coming out. It turned dark as midnight here for a while. Sure hope we get more rain today - we need it.

AIP's Saturday post about cleaning got me to thinking about doing the floors but today is Sunday and you aren't suppose to work on Sunday. Steve used to do the floors until he hurt his arm now it is hard for him to sweep and mop but he can still run a vacuum cleaner with one arm if it isn't for very long. I try and leave things that he can do with one arm for him. He makes his bed - so what if it doesn't always hang just right it gives him something to do and I never say anything unless it is good about his bed.

Found out that 7:30 in the morning is a good time to go to Wal Mart. I sleep with a little fan going as I can't stand stuffy air and the noise drowns out other noises. Well the latest fan I bought was a little box fan and it fell over and the motor burned out. Now me the one who saves receipts and boxes, etc failed to save this one so off I went to Wal Mart and found a different fan so I could sleep.

gotta go fix Steve's coffee.


At Mon Apr 16, 05:40:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

Floors, ugh! I'm sure mine need doing more often then they get done. :)


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