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Saturday, April 14, 2007


We are getting high tech around here. When the phone was out the other day the lady I spoke with said she saw that we had a lot of trouble on our line so she offered to hook us up to fiber for free. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to get the fiber cable for free. Everyone will be switched over in the future and I am sure the phone company is going to start charging for it. I didn't realize how big the box was they were going to put inside but it is in the corner and the end table is in front of it. There is a battery pack that allows us about two hours to use the phone if the electric goes out. Before I would have to plug in the hard wired phone because the cordless won't work without electricity.

No more rain for now. It has been in the 80's and is suppose to be the same today then we have another cold front coming. I hope it doesn't hurt my tomato plants. If it looks like it is going to get too cold I will cover them up.


At Sat Apr 14, 04:29:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

Glad they didn't disturb that Amaryllis Amaryllisgrowing right next to it!

At Sat Apr 14, 01:43:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

WOW..we aren't that Hi Tech around here yet.

At Sat Apr 14, 01:54:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

Come visit to my Saturday blog post and you can see what a nice husband I have. He doesn't seem to mind helping out any way he can. He has about taken over doing all the housework, but he still leaves me the bed to make.


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