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Sunday, May 20, 2007


On our way home my daughter and I stopped by Micanopy. It isn't very big and it's claim to fame is all the antique shops that are there. We had lunch at a nice cafe. We ate outside on the patio which was very nice.

you sort of have to turn side ways to see the picture of me - now I think of how to fix it! I will repost it right side up. Had the best coffee - pressed rich French roast. My daughter and I treated ourselfs to cherry chocolate cake. Put the word cherry in front of any thing and I will eat it.

We even had fine company at the cafe. A snoozing cat just seemed to add the special touch. Before we left the cat woke up and decided to grant us the pleasure of petting him.

Here is a wild house we saw in Micanopy. I don't think it was a store - just someone's house.


At Mon May 21, 03:56:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

You know...we have wild houses like that here too. I don't know why anyone would paint their house like that, but I guess it takes all kinds. Sometimes with the wild colors of paint people use on their houses I sometimes think that they must have surely got the paint FREE and that's why their home is painted that awful color.

I have to say it again, but you have a beautiful daughter. And I see from the sideways picture that she takes after you.

You guys stopped at some fun places.


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