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Monday, May 14, 2007

Slash the Cat

As soon as they got the bed ready in the guest room Slash the Cat decided it was his bed.
Slash goes into the bedroom when ever I am finished making the bed. He tried to sleep with me one night but I toss and turned so much he wanted out of there.
He is getting me back though he sat in the chair I sit in on the porch - every time I would go out there he would still be in the chair with a well you took my bed attitude. They have one young cat named Piglet who is very scared of strangers. She is getting a little use to me and let me let her in this morning but once I got up again to let her out she ran off.
The dogs are so relaxing to be around. They are both getting on in years and don't get around like they used to but they can still bark at strange noises.
Looks like I have the house to myself today. Felicia had to work and Kevin is off to work. My daughter asked if I wanted to go to work with her but that would be just too long a day sitting around - at least here I can play on the computer, rest when I need to and I am cutting out circles for tags for my daughter's craft items. Sort of a day of rest for me before the drive home.


At Wed May 16, 07:26:00 AM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

Slash & Piglet...I used to have a stuffed little elephant which I cut the trunk off and named Piglet when I was about 5. Slash is very appropiate name for a cat...We have Catzilla who should have been named Slash because of her attitude.


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