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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last of the tomatoes. I stripped the bushes of all the little green tomatoes and got two pints. Now if I have a taste for green tomatoes all I have to do is open a jar. Of course it won't be like having fried green tomatoes - just thought of something I wonder if friend green tomatoes would freeze - that may well be worth looking into next time tomatoes are growing.

There is no title for this post because blogger won't let me put one in there.

I am getting a little bit tired of all the glitches blogger has but after all it is free and we should put up wit it's problems.

Steve spent all afternoon the other day watching his friends build a dog house for Ty's puppies. Not sure what kind of dog it is but it is big. She had thirteen puppies but one died. Now she has a nice dog house and pen to keep the puppies corralled when they start venturing out.

So, OK, I broke down and bought a little bit more marked down material at Wal Mart. I changed the blouse pattern and I think this time it may work. Going to try it anyway. I really don't need any more blouses but I have the sewing bug and this blouse is a challenge.

As soon as it gets daylight I am going to start pulling up tomato plants. The big one if going to be hard - there are so many places where it is tied up to keep it from falling over. A good sharp knife should take care of it though. If I time it right I should be done by the time Steve is ready for his coffee then I can take a shower. Need to make a trip to Lowes - they have more flowers there. I want to plant marigolds in the large pot. They are suppose to help kill nematodes and other bugs plus being good for the soil. I don't understand why Steve doesn't want to plant anything in the big pot I tried to explain why I wanted to plant marigolds but I think he doughts the entire process.

Whoopee - no more therapy till Tuesday. It really doesn't hurt that much but it is boring. I try to keep my self interested in what they are doing to me but even that is getting to be the same thing. And this is only my second visit. The place I do my therapy is the same place that Steve did his at. Every one there remembers Steve. Steve is so hard headed and gets bored so easy I get the impression form the staft that he gave them a little trouble.


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