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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My hibscus is blooming. I never thought it would bloom in the pot I have it in.
Hibiscus full bloom. Too bad they don't last but a day.

Been to the grocery store and had sticker shock. Thought I was doing pretty good even with picking out special things for Steve - he just doesn't have any appitite. Of course he gave me the money for stuff for him.

Had my third therapy session and it hurt more then the other two. The therapist have me doing different exercises. Hope all this helps my shoulder. I felt bad about complaining about my shoulder when Steve's was so much worse, but mine got to hurting so bad I had to do something about it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice warm weather - me I could do with it a little cooler.


At Wed Jul 11, 08:14:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

That is a beautiful hibscus! I took a walk around this morning and took some beautiful flower pictures too :)


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