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Friday, July 06, 2007

Rain everywhere.....

...but here. Got soaked leaving therapy, got soaked leaving Wal Mart, really got wet leaving the post office but is it raining her at home - no, nada, zilch - not a drop thought the skies look like they are about to bust lose.

Made it to my second therapy today. I am so used to going to my mother's that I was just driving along when I realized I had missed turning - but I got there in plenty of time.

Have my kid's birthday presents mailed off. One is on the eleventh and the other on the twentyfith so she is going to have to wait to open hers. Just couldn't think of standing in line twice but wonder of wonders the post office wasn't crowed this afternoon. I guess people getting off on Friday afternoon don't want to go to the post office.

Still waiting for an MCI bill that they called me up and told me I owed them $88! Something is fishy here. When Verizon switched me to fiber optics the MCI bill came one time in my name and Steve and I got on the phone and explained that he pays the long distant part of the bill and it should come in his name. He talks to a lot of his family and friends who live other places and I hardly call anyone long distance. For a company that was so worried about their money they sure aren't in any hurry to send me a bill like I asked them to. Oh well, guess I won't worry about it any more. They had to have made a mistake.

Think I will go raid the rest of the green tomatoes and put up a couple of jars. This is getting to be fun.


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