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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Still sewing. Nice yellow material I am working with now. I think I have made enough shorts now and have the pattern right so I have moved on to the tank top. My first attempt wasn't very good I tried something different with the neck and arm holes and it didn't turn out. Had to add some width to the pattern - I do believe that this one will come out better.

Boy, did I pull a good one this morning. I woke up at nine thirty looked at the clock and paniced - jumped up throwing clothes and shoes on brushing my teeth with on rapid pace and jumped into the truck. I was about two miles from the house when it dawned on me that it was Sunday - I thought I had therapy today! Came back to the house and Steve was still asleep. At least I could relax and have my coffee.

I have a little fly in the house that just seems to love me - and yes I do take baths - the little bugger just won't leave me alone. I will get the can of bug spray and sit there waiting for him to land on me and wouldn't you know when ever I have that can handy he doesn't buzz around me. How long do flies live - it looks like this one is going to die of old age.


At Mon Jul 09, 06:10:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

Lets see those shorts! :)

At Tue Jul 10, 10:16:00 AM 2007, Blogger Ava said...

I hate waking up in a panick like that! Dang!

Good job on your shorts!


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