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Friday, October 26, 2007


Crocheted flowers that is. I have been toiling away at making an assortment of flowers for my daughter. I am sending off an assortment to her tomorrow so she can actually see what I have made and can steer me in the direction she wants me to go.

If I used a pattern it was from the fifties or forties so there are no copyrights to worry about.

I'm going to Macon for Thanksgiving - hurrah - wonder if I should start packing? LOL

Steve is happy he got his first disability check. He feels better now that that is working out. He still has the mediation to go through where they will try for a settlement. Feelings around here are just going up and down as the days now count down to the mediation.

Haven't been feeling too good last few days. Bought some night time cold medicine and took my regular night time medicine but I still can't get sleepy. Guess if I turn on the TV and try to watch that movie I taped tonight I would be asleep in two seconds but then I wouldn't have my cpap machine on. I do believe it is helping me to get some more restful sleep. It is cool here tonight so I turned up my humidifier a little bit. It will more then likely warm back up in the next few days. You never know what you will get in Florida. I remember several Christmas' that we were wearing shorts and some that were freezing.


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