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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Behind the Scenes

While at my daughter's for Thanksgiving I got to see some behind the scenes work for her store and blog Fluffy Here is a box of creatures waiting to be photographed.
Here is my daughter taking pictures. She uses a variety of back drops. Usually she has a certain window she takes pictures in but that day the sun was gone already from the window.
Here is the last step putting the pictures on her blog and in her Etsy shop. It is a lot of work besides making the creatures to begin with.

The day I left in the afternoon she was whipping up a couple of Christmas stockings. She is so talented.


At Sun Nov 25, 01:41:00 PM 2007, Blogger Sandy said...

Thanks for the tour of the Etsy Shop behind the scenes. The way she is photographing that cute little creature gave me some ideas to use when taking pictures of PapaBear's bowls. I'm always stumped at how to photograph them.

At Mon Nov 26, 12:14:00 PM 2007, Blogger Susan said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving, glad you got to visit your daughter. She is indeed very talented!


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