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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cold and Batteries

Our cold snap finished off Steve's battery in his truck. Neither one of us have jumper cables - which may be a good thing to buy - but his friend had a charger so Steve put that on his battery and sure enough it charged enough so it started up. He went to return the charger to his friend and his truck would hardly start so when it did start he high tailed it over to the auto place we use all the time and they told him his battery was pretty much dead so he had them install a new one.

Steve has a lot of appointments to keep this month. All having to do with his settlement from work. With this cold weather his shoulder and arm are really hurting. Even his left shoulder hurts but I imagine it is also because he uses it more.

Found out why the squirrels haven't been eating the corn that falls on the ground there was a totally black cat out there sitting right by the tree - when a squirrel would come down the cat would hiss at it. I guess it has been hanging out around there somewhere it just happened to be where I could see it yesterday.

Seems we are rushing into the new year. We are almost a week into it already. I have a feeling that this year is going to go fast.

Appointment with my pulmonary doctor on Monday - you don't dare miss without calling because they charge $200 for a missed appointment. Every thing seems about the same I am using my cpap machine at night and feel rested most mornings. I sometimes still pull it off in my sleep but wake up enough to put it back on.

Watched a good football game last night the Jaguars against - oh dear I forgot who they played for the moment, it will come to me later - but they won which is what we wanted. I couldn't stay up for the second game. The Bucs play today - hope it is an early game. I enjoy watching football. I like to see all those big guys pile into each other and the reffere try to untangle them. You don't really see how big those guys are until they happen to be standing next to someone of normal size.

Coffee is getting cold. Heat just came on again. Time to go for now.


At Mon Jan 07, 06:13:00 PM 2008, Blogger Felicia said...

Hope it warms up for y'all soon!

At Tue Jan 08, 12:07:00 AM 2008, Blogger Sandy said...

I thought Florida was supposed to ALWAYS be warm, hehehe. Now you know how we feel in winter except that sometimes we have snow.

Glad to hear that all your appointments went well. I sometimes wake up with my mask off and must pull it off during the night. I try to put it back on, but sometimes it just feels so good to not have it on.
You pay for it the next day though.

I read those doctors signs saying they'll charge you so much for missing your appointment, but I wonder if they really do. I wouldn't try it just to see though.


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