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Friday, January 11, 2008

From cold to warm

Well it has warmed back up again enough to turn the A/C on again - just wait a week and we will be back in long pants and running the heat - for a few days.

My appointment with my pulmonary went well except that he found out my cpap machine was set on seven when it was suppose to be set on ten. I had to take the whole thing back to the doctors the next day and have them reset it. With the higher pressure I am trying to get adjusted so there will be no air leaks. Found out tonight I didn't have the strap tight enough on my head. I can stand the strap tighter rather then the air leaks around my nose piece. Thought I had a picture but I think that was one I deleted when I was trying to add some pictures to my computer and it informed me that it was going to crash if I went ahead. I have the pictures on CD any way. I will have to find it.

Steve has several appointments to go to - his lawyer on Friday which is more then likely part of why I can't sleep tonight. Can't help but worry till this court thing is settled.

Moocher has had a girl friend visiting him for the last few days. I don't know where she comes from but think she lives across the street. Moocher must be popular with the girls because there was a different female cat hanging around for a while. He doesn't wonder off looking for these ladies they come to him.

Checked out the Wal Mart health food section and found my tofu and some soybeans that are cooked fresh. That is the first time I have seen them for sale and I graped a package - they are delicious. I wasn't too impressed with the tofu chicken. I would just rather buy the unflavored kind. I am going to keep buying stuff so they won't do away with their health food section like Winn Dixie did.


At Fri Jan 11, 09:30:00 PM 2008, Blogger Suzie said...

Hey, better watch moocher's girlfriend, you'll end up with kittens too cute to part with!
LoL. Nice to see you bloggin again!

At Sat Jan 12, 04:09:00 PM 2008, Blogger Sandy said...

I hope Moocher's girlfriend lives close and she brings over the baby kittens to show them off to you. I love kittens, especially baby ones.

Glad you got your machine straightened up and set on the right number.

I like the flavored tofu, but I've never eaten tufu chicken and I don't think I'd like it.


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