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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lost in the Big City

There is one doctor that I have to go see in the big city of Tampa. For some reason I missed my turn and became totally lost. I had never been in that part of the city and found myself going around in circles. I stopped at a store and asked how to get to Armenia which is where my doctor is and the kind lady gave me some directions. Well I drove and drove and figured out I must have misunderstood her so I turned around and ended right back at the same store. This time she gave me some different directions and I followed them faithfully even when it seemed I would never reach the streets she had told me to turn on. I made it to my nine fortyfive doctor's appointment at eleven fortyfive and my doctor had already left but another doctor said she would see me before she went to lunch which I couldn't thank her enough for.

The trip home was OK except for the traffic. I know one thing going into my truck tomrrow is a map of Tampa. Maybe I should get myself a thingy that tells you if you are going north or south. It wouldn't have helped today though because I had no idea if I was south or north of my destination.

I wasted a lot of gas. I am going to make sure this doesn't happen again. I only have to see this doctor once every three months for check ups but I have to go to them.

Wish me luck for the next trip I take to the big city. Leave me to my neighborhood driving and Brandon driving where I know where each of my doctors are there.


At Fri Feb 08, 12:32:00 PM 2008, Blogger lissa said...

I don't have a blog but I opened an account so that I can leave comments. I read your blog all the time to see how you are doing. And I read Fluffyflowers too. I am sorry you had such a harrowing experience. Being lost especially when you had an appointment to keep. So nice that they didn't make you reschedule. We are all fine here. Paul is in Taiwan for a week. He still travels quite a bit. Sarah turned 23 yesterday! Kayla is 2 1/2 now. Only Kayla and Jacob (15) at home now, but I still find myself very busy, but not quite as frazzled as before. love, Lissa

At Wed Feb 13, 01:06:00 AM 2008, Blogger Sandy said...

If your highway roads are numbered you can tell if you are going north & south because those roads are odd number roads and East & West are even numbered roads. Of course my problem is that I can't tell which way I'm going on a North/South road...North or South? I guess I could look up at the sun if I know what time of day it is.

I also need a compass and they'd really be handy to have.
I also always have a state map in my car which I forget to look at because I forget it's there.

At Mon Mar 17, 02:02:00 PM 2008, Blogger TUFFENUF said...

Go to mapquest on your computer before you leave for the doctor. You can get a map and turn-by-turn directions to the destination. You can print it out and take it with you. It is really helpful!


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