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Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Flowers

I was out early this morning buying flowers to go in the big pot we used to grow tomatoes in. Since I don't like tomatoes that much and my mom gave me some I decided on flowers. Have not a clue as to what they are there was no tag on them nor a sign but I liked their looks so here's hoping for the best. The land lord took away some of my bigger pots for me. Steve used to help me take care of things but it was just too much for me to handle. Most everything was dead any way.

Keep my hibiscus and gardenia and two pots of amaryllis. My daughter took some of the bulbs with her to Georgia where they seem to be thriving just fine.

Steph scared me to death this morning she came tearing out of her room to get the baby some juice and I didn't even know they were home. Looks like from the styro foam containers some one must have taken them out to eat last night.

Had a nice call from Dawn the other sister. The sisters have been arguing but have made peace now. There isn't much she can do for me except keep in touch. None of us went to the family reuion. It would have just hurt so much not to see Steve there. The missing him is getting a little better but it won't go away ever.


At Sat May 03, 02:49:00 PM 2008, Blogger Suzie said...

Look's like you're on your way to some pretty flowers soon! It's good to see you get outside some.
Can't wait till we can both hit the beach! I got in my pool today, the first time this spring.
It was very nice indeed. Even if you don't wanna go to the beach, the pool will be nice and warm in another few weeks. Keep bloggin'
I gotta post on mine too.


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