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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Not much sleep last night. Baby was up way early too. I just returned from Wal Mart and I guess Steph and the baby have laid down to have a nap.

This was my second trip to Wal Mart this morning - I bought some shorts and every one of them was too big. At least I saved some money by returning them because I could only find a few in the next smaller size. Should have tried them on in the store and saved myself the extra trip. With gas prices what they are even going just down the road costs a dollar or two or three.

All of my flower bulbs have bloomed for the year - this is a picture from last year I think. My daughter took a lot of bulbs back with her when she came down here in April. Just can't seem to be able to keep up the flowers like I used to before.

Baby did real good yesterday. She got her pillow herself and laid down and took a nap. She went to sleep a little past her bed time but didn't put up a fuss. She has been a real terror the last few days so this was a pleasant break. Would we be so lucky that the terrible twos aren't going to be that bad?

I sucessfully changed my portable oxygen tank to a new one. You have to take the gauge off and put it on the new bottle. Thank goodness there were a few instructions in the paper work they gave me. Now I know how to do it.


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