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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer Visit

Here is Amber - Steve's grand daughter. She is going to be all of eleven on the eleventh of this month. She is down here to spend the summer with her mother. She is a tall girl but tallness runs in the family. She will be spending the night with us a couple of times and with her grand mother.

This is Amber and her mom, Steve's daughter, Dawn. She is a tall one too.

I am really relaxing in the coolness of the house. We went three days without A/C during the hottest days we have had so far. I have to admit that the land lord, some of his men, and even the neighbor tried to fix it for me but they put a different fan in and it was running backwards. The regular A/C man was out of town but as soon as he got back he came over. He had to go to the land lord's and get the old parts that they took off and rebuild the fan and put the parts they had left out back in. I was so grateful that he got it fixed. Slept pretty good last night. Was able to use my oxygen - the machine puts off too much heat to run it with no A/C on. That is the machine I use when I am sleeping. It was hard for me to breath with it so hot in here. There was no breeze blowing and I think opening the windows made it hotter in the house.

Baby went to a birthday party today and was worn out. She got her pillow and blanket and laid down and went to sleep - I know I shouldn't let her sleep so late but I will wake her up in a little while. The baby has almost stopped throwing fits - she found out they don't do any good. Now we are working on her throwing things. If she throws something at me I snag it and won't give it back to her.
The potty training isn't coming along too good. She still hasn't gotten the idea that she is suppose to sit on the potty before not after she wets her diaper. One day the idea will click.

Have a whole row of yellow stickers for doctor's appointments but think I am going to change a couple of them. This heat has just gotten me tired out. I can't wait till it starts raining and cooling things off some.


At Tue Jun 10, 08:25:00 AM 2008, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Amber has really grown a lot taller since I last saw her on your blog, and she's getting so pretty.

Glad the A/C guy fixed you air in this heat.

The flower in your previous post is pretty...I love the color.

Today my email isn't working again, so you can send any email to my gmail account until I figure out what's wrong. It's always something with my pc. I really think it's with windstream though, because I can't even log on to their site. They must be having trouble with their server.


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