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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I blogged about these snakes a few years ago but a snake story brought them to mind again. Years ago when I was living in the country and had a garden I had a pair of black snakes also know as indigo snakes living in my yard. The female is always bigger then the male. The male was shy and would take off when I went out side but the female would hang around with me in the garden.
I can't really tell how long the female was but it had to be at least three feet or more. I used to go to the neighbors and beg them not to kill the black snakes as legend has it that rattlesnakes will stay away as long as they are there. They eat mice and other small things too.

I haven't seen any snakes around my new place but did see a couple at the old place. Brown rat snakes.

Another snake story: before my blacksnakes moved in I was getting ready to step out my back door when I paused for some reason and looked down and there was the biggest cotton mouth I had ever seen. It's eyes were blue which meant it was shedding it's skin and was blind and would strike at anything. I just eased the door closed went back in the house and got the rifle and went out the front door and it was still curled up there so I shot it. I would have tried to chase it off but when their eyes are blue they are very cranky and we had small children as neighbors then. I put it in a bucket and showed it to them so they would know what to stay away from. Too bad I had to shoot it but sometimes with poisious snakes it is the best thing to do when they move into your yard and make it their territory.


At Sat Sep 27, 10:35:00 PM 2008, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That snake looks BIG and reminds me of another snake story of mine. It's about a copperhead who tried coming into the house through a door that wasn't shut all the way. Not knowing my snakes I picked it up and set it outside 8 - 10 feet from the door. When I came back to the door there it was again so I picked it up again and moved it further away and went back inside. Now it was finally time for me to leave for work and there it was again at my door. This time I picked it back up and stuck it in a metal bucket and put a piece of wood on top held down by a big heavy rock. That was a big mistake because by the time I got home the bucket had heated up and killed the snake. I should have just left it alone.

At Thu Oct 02, 02:19:00 PM 2008, Blogger Felicia said...

Good gravy! What a story. I seem to recall something about those black snakes :)


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