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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bargain Chair

After realizing that I had no where for any company to sit I took myself off to the mission to drop off the stuff I have had in the back of the truck for weeks and check out the chair situation. I hit it just right - they had so many recliners and chairs that they were selling them for five dollars each. The one I picked said ten dollars on it but the lady gave it to me for five. There are no tears or worn spots it just needed a little cleaning with some Resolve and it looks fine. I get tickled to find such bargains since I live on a fixed income.

Looking forward to the weekend - I get to see my sis. I have to take pictures. We plan on going yard saleing and thrift store shopping see what kind of treasures we can find that we can't live without.


At Thu Oct 02, 02:16:00 PM 2008, Blogger Felicia said...

What a groovy bargain :)


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