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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lost Packages

Found out where my packages have been disappearing to. When I hadn't received supplies for my cpap machine twice I called them up again and they suggested that I ask the neighbors. Well I went up to the trailer in front of my house and asked there but no packages as I was leaving I glanced at the porch next door to them and there was a package there - I decided to check and see if it was for me - it was. The people who live there are away for a while but someone must be checking their mail for them.

I put more numbers on what is actually the front of my house hoping that UPS will see it. The cpap suppliers are also going to tell UPS they have been leaving the packages at the wrong place.

To top it off yesterday for some reason the trash people didn't empty my trash can so now I have to wait till Friday and put it back out there. It was sitting a little apart from the others because no one had put theirs out when I put mine out. Friday I am going to put it right next to the road or rather Thursday night because they come early in the morning on Fridays.

Things are going along pretty good. Hooked up the VCR that my sis gave me. I started taping Lost Monday night because it seems I always fall asleep - where I live the Sci Fi channel shows four hours at a time on Monday night thus the taping but guess what yep - didn't go to sleep.

Nothing else much going on right now. Still haven't been able to get a picture of the horses next door.


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