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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Chives

At last I repotted some of my chives. They have been in the same pot for years. The people who lived here before left some long planters and I got one of those and put some of my chives in. I still need to get a bigger pot. The one the chives have been in is getting pretty old.

It was seventy three degrees here this morning. It was nice and cool for me to mess with my plant. Here it is going to be cold soon and I have the itch to plant something. Oh well, winter won't be around for long. Things haven't been turning brown yet but they will soon.

Just took my neighbor down to the post office in Gibsonton - she is a much older lady and I told her any time she needed a ride to ask me. I had to put gas in my truck anyway. When I got back my clothes I was drying were done. My post office box is in Riverview the other way from Gibsonton - just checked my mail yesterday so I think I will wait till Sunday to check it again.

Going to be a quiet day. I should get to work on my crochet project today.


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