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Monday, December 01, 2008


I have done the pictures backwards so bear with me. Just spent the week in Georgia with my daughter. Her husband's mother also spent several days with us. This picture is of Mary helping to wash up as you can't put fine china in the dish washer.
Here we are waiting to eat. We had a lovely dinner. The turkey turned out very moist.
This is me and Ginger, the dog, waiting for dinner to be ready. I did help with cooking but there wasn't much for me to do. I really enjoyed spending the week with my daughter. I won't see her till next year.

Discovered wheel chairs at the airport. I can't walk too far without my oxygen and decided to snag a wheel chair as it went by empty - what a difference it made. On my trip back my daughter made sure that I had a wheel chair to take me to my gate. When I arrived home and got off the plane there was a whole row of wheel chairs there and I asked the young man if I could get one of those wheel chairs to take me to baggage claim - he took me all the way there. My sis was waiting for me with the two grand kids. We managed to get my bag and she had parked close so I didn't have far to walk. There was such a big deal about taking oxygen on airplanes so I had arranged to have oxygen waiting for me in Georgia. It worked out just fine.


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