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Monday, May 25, 2009

More Blooms

Good thing I didn't pull up my geraniums because they have set more blooms. Maybe they rest between blooms. We have been having such cloudy weather here that my plants on the porch weren't getting enough sun so I had to move them. My pepper plant is growing a whole lot of peppers right now. Nothing is happening with the egg plant.

After all the excitement Sunday about the snake I took it easy Monday and watched various services for our service men and women. My father was a vet. He retired from the Navy. Steve was a vet - he was in Viet Nam. I pray that all the fighting will come to an end soon and everyone can come home.


At Wed May 27, 05:04:00 PM 2009, Blogger from Felicia ( or Lissa, or Mom) said...

Geraniums usually bloom all summer long. I hope that you are well. We are doing fine here. I have been enjoying working in my flowers beds and am starting a square foot garden this year. We have lots of land in the back field but I wanted something closer to the house and smaller. Have a good day!

At Wed Jun 03, 07:30:00 PM 2009, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I used to have geraniums and they bloom all summer. Just keep them watered and they'll have lots of flowers for you.


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