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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Forgot to take my camera so no pictures of my lunch with my sis, Suzie. We had mussels and shrimp then noddles and various other oriental foods and ended it with a little ice cream and macaroon.

We went down to Beal's Outlet and it has moved to a bigger store just in the same plaza. I was able to find a nice black and white jacket to go with my black dress I bought a while back. I got it for half off because it had a dot on it. At the Outlet they have dots that are different colors and each one gives so much off the price of the item - you can get up to 80% off I think if I remember right. Any way it is fun looking for those dots.

Despite my resolve to keep up with my blogging I am shocked at how much time passes before I have anything to post. Just have a quiet life which is OK with me.


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